How does it work?

union of modules 

Each project requires an individual approach

in order to adapt seamlessly to the environment.


credits image. Iaac Terra Performa

3D printing 

We use digital manufacturing to create our unique porous ceramic surfaces. The surface structure gently filters water and hydrates the botanical element. 

Experiment N7, ceramic and moss 2019

Ceramic and Moss

The ceramic surface serves as a breeding ground for the botanical elements. Moss develops a symbiosis with the porous ceramic surface structure. To create a symbiosis, the humidity of the environment and the PH-value of the ceramic material are also decisive.

How we work

  • We adapt our products to your space. Through digital manufacturing, our modules can be adapted to different dimensions for your space requirements.

  • We generate the product through natural materials and digital manufacturing, creating morphologies that host botanical elements. 

  • We have an automatic digital irrigation system, so you don't have to worry about maintenance.

  • We make an evaluation of the product four times a year to know that everything is still in perfect condition. 

  • We like challenges that's why, apart from our designs, we offer to make unique installations for special costumers. 


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